Daddy Drinking: Hinterland IPA

Over the summer my wife and I decided to spend a night in Milwaukee because a friend of ours was playing at Summerfest. We figured with a few months of planning we'd be able to get a nice room at the Peninsula and hit one of the city's up and coming restaurants before catching the show.

Instead, the only room we could find was at The worst Days Inn you could imagine. But we did find a terrific restaurant called Hinterland. The food was amazing but the beers we had at the bar beforehand might have been even better.

Fast forward to a blustery fall weekend and I found myself at the grand opening of a new Binny's in Arlington Heights with Carter in tow and found Hinterland's brews in stock. A lot of great Wisconsin brews don't cross the border like New Glarus.

We tell the kids that Binny's is "daddy's store" not a liquor store by the way.

I bought a four pack of pints of both the Pale Ale and the IPA. I tried the IPA first and it is truly amazing. It's smoother than a Dogfish 90 minute and not quite as overpowering but still packs an alcohol punch, which it should at $10 for four pints.

But I'm left thinking, is there a need to buy any other IPA? While the top Dogfish IPAs are very good, the Hinterland brews feel more...crafted? I don't know how to describe it. It's like when I test a top-end Mercedes. It's a terrific car at $100K+, but a Bentley is at an entirely different level because so much of it is made by hand.