Why Technology Keeps Blowing Me Away: Pearl Jam Covering Pink Floyd’s "Mother"

As I keep moving through my career I’m continuously encountering new technology trends in terms of getting media, thoughts and images to the public in new ways. If you’re a working journalist today you have to be using these tools to stay atop your field.

As a busy dad, and avid Pearl Jam fan, I can’t focus every second on my hobby. When I have a spare moment when the kids are running around the local YMCA’s indoor maze I can sit and play on my iphone for a few moments. That’s when I finally had a few minutes to watch Pearl Jam’s performance of Pink Flyod’s “Mother” from Jimmy Fallon last week.

I did a Google search for “Jimmy Fallon” went to his home page. Clicked the link for the video. And it came up in HD like a YouTube video does on my iPhone. The kids were safely playing and I could watch a 5 minute video. I worry that I spend too much time on the phone when with the kids, but I also know we spend much more time filling the days with kids’ only activities more than I saw as a kid. Not that I had a bad childhood, but I don’t think parenting was such an intensive job as it is today. At least that’s how I rationalize things.

And if you want an MP3 version of "Mother" check out Gremmie.net