A Dad’s Simple Joy

Like most dads I think my kids are the cutest on earth. I mean come on. Look at them. One of my favorite joys though is running into kid-free couples in public with my cute kids in tow.

The reaction we get totally depends on Evie and Carter’s moods though. But I love both versions.

First Scenario: Kids are being cute/well behaved.

Still child-free couple: The woman or both (rarely just the guy) react with the “aww” face and you know there will probably be a conversation later in the day when they talk about kids.

Second Scenario: One or both children are wailing, mad, sick or otherwise miserable.

Still child-free couple: Eyes quickly dart away from us and they speed up to get past us in the grocery aisle or mall. There will likely be a very different conversation later in the day about having kids.

I smile either way.