Spotify: A Three Month Update

Spotify is a brilliant music program. It’s the only one I’ve ever maintained a paid subscription for after a trial ended. It doesn’t provide a radio experience like Pandora but it gives me the ability to listen to every album I want to whether it was just released or would be a catalog buy.

The $10 a month let’s me get everything I’m interested in without buying music and I use it all the time. I even like the Facebook sharing because I’ll see a friend listening to something on Spotify and go “Oh, that album’s out? I better go add it to my playlists.” Or I see an older track being listened to and track it down for some of the same feel good vibes my buddies are getting.

The computer app is good for organizing playlists and even though it ends up looking like one big, grey block of listings, I still like it. This is what I listen to at work most of the time.

The iPhone app mirrors it well making the selections easier to access, which it should. I’ve actually searched for an artist in a car to find a song I was discussing – in the passenger seat – and played it via Bluetooth audio in less than a minute. I use it with the little kitchen radio we have when I’m doing dishes or prepping some barbecue on the weekend. Or out in the garage on the portable speakers we have. I use it a lot.

There’s just one problem. The wife.

I’m pretty much the music purchaser in the family. Courtney will buy the occasional new Foo Fighters album or the like at Target or something, but I’m the one on Amazon or iTunes getting new stuff and ripping it to CDs for her car or onto her iPod shuffle for the gym.

Even with the Spotify app shared on her iPhone and Shuffle it’s more work for her.

The question I have now is: Do I go back to buying new stuff and give up Spotify or keep the $10/month going for all the catalog stuff? Listening to new albums really isn’t enough to justify it, because most new records are available for free streaming somewhere online, it just requires more hunting.

Plus, even if my wife did devote more time to learning the apps, you can’t have two people using mobile at the same time.

Any suggestions out there on how to make Spotify more share-friendly amongst the same household? Let me know.