I Bought A Chevy Volt

Earlier this month I bought a Chevy Volt.

Well…I didn’t personally but the company I work for, Cars.com, did.

The concept of buying the company’s first long term test car and making it an electric vehicle was mine , so it kind of feels like my car in a way.

Obviously a project this big (and it’s just beginning) wasn’t done just by me. Our most senior, senior editor did most of the legwork on the purchase, I’m doing the legwork on the content and data we need for the project.

But bringing the car home for the first time, parking it in my garage and then PLUGGING IT IN to an outlet was a significant moment in my career.

For one, it was very physical evidence of work. Almost every other product I produce is published on a website or blog like this one. Sure, thousands and millions of people are exposed to these stories in print and online, but I don’t get to see the reactions. The Volt, sitting, whirring, in my garage… that I can see.

If you want to follow the Volt in my garage, and the garage of every other editor who takes it home, you should do so on Twitter @CarsComGreen or via our blog www.KickingTires.com.

So far I’ve had it just two days – many editors are traveling so I have to pick up an extra review of the new 2011 Ford Explorer this week – but I’ve already found lots to be impressed by. However, I haven’t tried the kids in it yet. The back seat is very, very small. Smaller than the Chevy Cruze so I expect that the Britax won’t even fit.

It’s definitely a car designed for the commute and not the family.