The Ultimate Dad Therapy: NFL Sunday Ticket

In case you haven't gotten it yet this blog deliberately omits my trials and tribulations as a dad. For all that you can follow me on Twitter where you'll learn about my oldest catching his first Top Gear episode and loving it (of course) and my girl getting bangs. And you get it a lot faster than I update this blog.

No, the blog is about what relaxes me from when the kids aren't just purely adorable and as the weather turns and I get to open the windows — yay reprieve from electric bills that rival new gadget prices — it's time for just one thing, football.

Last year when we moved to the burbs the better half said go for it when I said I wanted DirecTV and Sunday Ticket. Well today I'm calling and re-upping. I'm not sure the cost and I'm scaling back on the rest of our service since HBO's True Blood is over for the year. But I can't go back to Sundays without The Ticket.

I even got the extra package so I could watch games on the iPhone last year. That was actually used all the time even though I like being home for Dolphins games. I actually watched a second game on my phone with the TV tuned into another. Or I checked stats on the apps live scoring.

It really is the best thing ever invented and I can understand why less people are going to games. Plus, if something comes up with the kids I can DVR or pause the games I'm watching to handle daddy business. In the end it is expensive but it's a small price to pay for a fall and winter of sanity dare I say it's cheap therapy for dads?

And obviously I’m just a football nut and pay for My Sunday Ticket there is no money or services changing hands here with DirecTV. But I would highly recommend it over cable especially if you're thinking of taking the Sunday Ticket leap.