Who On Earth Will Use iTunes Ping?


Before I get into this rant, I’m posting it on my blog. Every blog post I post gets forwarded to Twitter, which gets rebroadcast to Facebook. So, even though most of my friends don’t read this blog they’re updated every time I post.

What does all that have to do with the new iTunes Ping social network service? You can’t forward any of your music choices to any of the major social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t get confused with Ping.fm, which is basically a social sharing service for music fans which broadcasts your internet radio listening habits to Facebook and Twitter.

Apple says it couldn’t work with Facebook’s terms of service. I say there’s no point in taking the time with Ping without this linking.

I did sign up for Ping, but unlike Zune’s social which updated your online Zune Social profile to what music you listened to in your Zune software (the equivalent of iTunes) you can only  “like” music via Ping in the iTunes store itself, not from your library.

This is beyond dumb. And it’s laborious. But I guess if you want to turn a buck, linking directly to an online store is the better way to go for Apple.

I like iTunes just fine, but it’s a tad hilarious when Microsoft did the same thing better three or more years ago.

If you want to prove me wrong follow me on iTunes Ping here.