Old Guy Music: Soundgarden is Back?

From what I've heard from an excellent recording of the show at the Vic last week, it sounds like the reunion of Soundgarden is producing a better live product than either of the times I saw the band the first time around. Kim Thayil though looks ancient.

The setlists have a lot of super-old stuff and are light on Superunknown material. The band also just released a never before heard b-side from Badmotorfinger called "Black Rain." It sounds like a b-side, but is still an excellent snapshot of that era. You can hear it here.

On a side note I've rediscovered the addictive world that is bittorrent and have been sifting through some really amazing live shows from decades ago. Sorry, I just can't get into most new bands, and my budget for music is pretty small.

Best things I've found so far include an early Henry Rollins Black Flag recording and a really old Afghan Whigs show from way back in 1989. Like my own recordings, I find it interesting to hear a snapshot in time rather than a perfectly flawless soundboard for example. Oh, and I'm in the midst of downloading digital versions of all of those old Pearl Jam shows I had on cassette. I hadn't realized that because I don't have any way of hearing them anymore that I haven't heard any for about ten years. Obviously folks have digitized them and they are out there. Yeah, my evenings after the kids go to bed are shot.