Old Spice 16 Hour Odor Blocker: Nearly Toxic Body Wash

IMG_1353 This is one of those times when the wife's extreme couponing didn't pay off. I was out of body wash and went to the stash of drug store products my wife has amassed in the past few months and pulled out an Old Spice product. I didn't pay much attention to the name on the bottle because most of the time men's body wash says "extreme" or "ultimate" when referencing how clean you'll be. I didn't think this one would actually be antiseptic in nature.

So there i was standing in the shower ready to lather up and as the suds are forming the aroma hits me. It doesn't smell like a typical "arctic" or "rain" or "zen" body wash or even "mountain spring." Basically it doesn't smell like soap. The closest thing i can compare it to is like a Clearasil face wash. It smells like a medical wash.

When I came out of the bathroom my wife was sitting there and said she could smell me from across the room and not in a good way. It was that overpowering. Now over the long weekend i was taking showers at night due to being sweaty all day. On a work day I obviously don't have that problem and shower in the morning.

I woke up the next day and my eyes felt raw like the vapors were too much. However I do think it held up a bit more during a hot fourth of July. Maybe it'd be good before I went golfing for example.

I tried it before work today and didn't really notice it being overpowering underneath a long sleeve shirt. When I got home, and put the kids down for the night I sniffed my arm and it smelled...ok.

I shoved my arm under Courtney's nose and commanded "sniff." Her response? "It smells like you just got out of the shower." So I guess it works better than I thought. But don't put it on before you go to sleep.