I Caved and Bought an AT&T MicroCell

Microcell This morning on my day off I got to hit some golf balls at the range and then headed to the AT&T store and finally bought a MicroCell.

The store experience was pretty good actually. I called first to make sure they had one, walked in, picked it up and walked out. It was pretty simple. They didn't try to sell me anything else either. The only negative was that I didn't get my 20% corporate discount on it.

Set-up was a breeze. Literally followed 4 pages of forms online, input the numbers I wanted it to work with (no one else should be able to access it or even see it pop up on their phone as a possible signal like wi-fi does). I then plugged it into my router, powered it up, waited 60 minutes and had full bars.


I haven't even made a call yet to test the clarity and what not, but I've never had full bars anywhere near our house, or our last house.

I decided to cave and go for the MicroCell after Courtney got the new iPhone and the reception was still shitty as hell. It'll be cheaper than adding another line and we don't really go over our minutes anyway.

Hopefully the stress of dropping calls at home will disappear. If that's the case than it'll be well worth the money.