Trying Subway's New Egg Muffin Melt

Subway If you didn’t know today was “get your free Subway breakfast sandwich day” than you’re out of luck because it’s over. Don’t worry though, because if mine was any indication you didn’t miss much.

Everyone is trying to get into the breakfast thing these days as it’s a big revenue generator for fast food joints. But I suggest Subway figure out a way to make theirs tastier. I got the Denver Egg White Melt, which means it comes with ham, two egg white wedges, a slice of cheese and your choice of toppings. Theoretically I guess you top it with green peppers to make it a Denver, which I did, along with tomatoes.

The problem is it had no flavor. I didn’t taste the ham at all, nor the cheese. It was just a lump of blah. I guess I should’ve taken the server up on the offer of salt and pepper. They asked everyone if they wanted it, which I had never heard at a Subway before. Now I know why. It’s because these things have no flavor. I should have gotten onions too but red onions don’t scream breakfast to me.

I understand the Subway Egg White Melt had just 4 grams of fat, and the breakfast sandwich next door at Dunkin Donuts or at Potbelly’s is worse for you on a bagel. But I don’t want to be eating something that is cardboard just because it’s good for me.