Gillette Fusion ProGlide Review

Photo Yes, you read that right. I'm reviewing the new razor from Gilette. It’s yet another repackaging of ludicrously expensive razors for consumption by dads everywhere. But before I go into how smooth my face is this Monday morning let me explain how I even got one of these new razors.

To get it out of the way I didn’t get a free one from the company but got the razor nearly free thanks to my couponing wife. As much as I joke about her surfing coupon websites, and clipping them traditionally, it's truly amazing how much she gets for pretty much nothing. Our linen closet is like my personal drug store. I never buy deodorant, shampoo or body wash. There's always a fresh one in the closet.

Since this is a new razor the company put out $4 coupons in the paper. Both Walgreens and CVS were giving out bonus bucks of $5 on them. Basically, these are coupons you can use en lieu of cash on your next trip. So you walk out paying less than $1 on the razor. Generally cartridges run $4+ each or about $2.75 at Costco so even if you just want a single cartridge, it's cheaper.

The razor itself is actually a little different than the regular Gillette Fusion. The package says it's thinner blades that make the difference and I think I could feel them being a bit more delicate, but they are definitely a LOT sharper. I find the regular blades to do a good job on my beard but I rarely worry about cutting myself. Not so with this one. While my cheeks still feel smooth hours later, I don't think the shave was that superior that I'd risk the bleeding in the morning.