A Few Sentences on the iPhone4

Courtney got her iPhone yesterday and I've only had a chance to play around with it briefly. But overall it left me a bit underwhelmed.

Yes, it feels great. But since Courtney dropped her last iPhone shattering the glass front we'll definitely be getting a case for this one ASAP. It feels expensive and that makes the thought of breaking it even more prevalent in my mind.

The biggest change is definitely the resolution of the screen. It's pretty remarkable and looks painted, not digital. Even watching YouTube videos is amazing now.

I'll likely try out iMovie at some point too.

Oh, and it gets the same crappy reception in our basement as our iPhone 3Gs did. And yes, if you hold the left side the bars drop like flies. It's really surprising.

Until I get one for the whole voice chat (which should be great for when one of us is out of town on travel) I don't think it does enough to warrant the switch.

I apologize for not posting more but the whole family has been sick with a stomach bug for the past week or so. This is the biggest news we've had since.