Top DadTherapy Summer TV Picks

Season-3-life-goes-on As I watched Last Comic Standing Monday night it set in, summer is here...along with crappy TV. The wife and I are catching up, slowly, on our season finales we've put off due to a Stanley Cup run by the Blackhawks, but that will end soon, tonight hopefully.

But what should dads be watching this summer after the kids go to bed?

Here are my picks, with something for the geek, sports fan and 3-year old in all of us.

1. True Blood, premieres June 13
I haven’t been as excited about vampires since Buffy went off the air. The best part about True Blood isn’t the nudity and sex — I’m not complaining — but that the “science” of the vampires is well thought out. The backdrop of rural Louisiana and the superb acting and writing just makes it a complete package. This is the only* reason to get HBO.

2. Stargate Universe, season 2 finale Friday
There have been quite a few previous Stargate series, totaling hundreds and hundreds of episodes. I’ve never watched one of them. And I watch everything. I think I watched an entire season of Legend of the Seeker on Hulu, and yet no Stargate SG-1 et al. But Universe is different, a bit grittier, and no space-Egyptians flying around. Well not yet. I only fear from recent episodes that storyline is coming and the show will lose its edge.

3. Wipeout, premieres June 22
While the other shows aren’t really for kids, my son Carter (who’s 26 months old) couldn’t stop laughing when this came on last week. He was rolling over in fits every time someone took a prop to the groin or fell off a huge, inflated ball. Me? Yeah, I was right with him. This is the dumbest show on TV but you can’t help but watch,

4. Hard Knocks*, August
Dammit, I contradicted myself. There are two reasons to get HBO, True Blood and Hard Knocks. But Hard Knocks is just five, short weeks long. This season they’ll follow the New York Jets, the worst, most despicable team in the NFL (can you tell I’m a Miami Dolphins fan?). I will throw out there that the fact the Jets were being featured this year on HBO might be one reason why Hollywood-dreaming Jason Taylor decided to switch teams and go to the most hated rival of the Dolphins. I will watch simply to make sure I know my enemy.

5. Eureka, premieres July 9
I’ve really enjoyed this show for two of its three seasons. It’s funny with just enough sci-fi thrown in to be geeky. The only time I didn’t like it is when things got too serious. So serious, the writers had to explain it as an alternate reality or some such that never happened. This season James Callis — best known as Dr. Baltar from Battlestar Gallactica — is a new villain in town to spar with Sheriff Carter so…it gets taken to an even more extreme geek level.

6. Man Vs. Food, premieres June 16
This is another one you can watch with the kids but I end up DVRing it and watching it before bed. It gives me some kind of weird indigestion whenever I watch it no matter what I ate for dinner earlier in the night. But there’s something great about watching this guy go around the country and just destroying huge plates of food. It’s kind of a dream job, minus all the insanely spicy stuff.