Flirty Cupcakes, a Cupcake Tasting

If you live or work in Chicago and haven't heard of the mobile dessert van of Flirty Cupcakes we're here to tell you about it.


Courtney has been stalking the van for about two weeks — she boasted earlier that she was their third Twitter follower — and they were headed to the west Loop and actually made a special stop outside of her office. Before she even got to the street other people had beat her to the van. She got us four different cupcakes and I split them in half for a little tasting after dinner tonight. The verdict?

Well, they may look small but two of the cakes we're so rich you really didn't want much more. However, the super sweet McDreamy I could have super sized! Courtney agreed that the McDreamy was the best with the peanut butter filled PB & C a close second (both above). The red velvet Devil in Disguise was good as well with terrific icing but neither of us dug the vanilla No Plain Jane, which was kind of plain.

So how do you get a McDreamy? You have to follow Flirty on Twitter and Facebook and try and catch them somewhere in Chicago.