Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad Review

I know a lot more people than I thought bought an iPad just like I did. It’s almost bizarre just how many people I know got one, and they are mostly non-techies. But all of them are a bit unsure or unexcited about the cases and stands out there for the device, and with good reason. It took me a while to find one that looked to meet my needs. That turned out to be the easy part. It was a 4-6 week backorder wait before it even arrived. But when it did, it lived up to most of my expectations.

There are two key features to the Incase Convertible Book Jacket that make it a winner. The most important is the reason I bought it, it flips over and doubles as a stand with three grooves to alter the viewing angle. The least upright allows for better typing (although I don’t like to type that way), and the most upright is best for setting on the counter in the kitchen for watching ABC’s TV app — yes, I catch-up on Castle while doing the dishes — or listening to Pandora.

This alone makes the high price tag ($60) worth it. However, I find that the nice stretchy band that secures the case closed when you’re done is a big bonus. It offers a severely tight grip on the iPad and I don’t think it would be possible for it to fall out. You could carry it around a dorm or office all the time like this with little worry.


This weekend I spent two days outside sitting watch over a garage sale and had the iPad out for a bit of it. I checked on twitter, email and my new addiction, Warpgate HD, for a good part of both days and loved the stand. Its best place is still on the kitchen counter though. I’ll see if it holds up on a airplane seat tray next week.

Oh, and I prefer taking the iPad out entirely to type. Luckily, the iPad slides easily in and out of the sleeve part of the case. The sleeve itself is really soft too, which makes it look and feel like a nice, cozy slot for the device to spend its time.

The “leather” is of decent quality and on the semi-high end for tech cases I’d say, but it’s not what I would call supple or luxurious. I hope it holds up over time and would  say it’s worth the current 3-4 week wait time.