Pearl Jam and Mother's Day

It's been awhile since I posted anything and I apologize. I've spent a lot of my normal DT blogging time playing on my iPad and Typepad's site wasn't working with it originally. Now it is so it should be easier for me to post from the couch.

Our lives have been pretty crazy but the big news was getting to travel to Indy to see Pearl Jam. This was the first time we left both children alone overnight. I either trust my in-laws a lot or am a bad father because i really didn't worry about them most of the night.

The drive went well in a brand new BMW 550 GT which ate up highway superbly well. We got to Indy and checked in the hotel and grabbed some drinks and an appetizer and hit the venue. Tornado warnings had been going on all day but it was after we got to our seats that they announced a delay due to weather. But the show ended up being great. The band has been "on" for the past year. The sound wasn't great but it was nice seeing a show outdoors despite the weather.

The highlight for me was the cover of "Goin' Back to Indiana" which was nice because Courtney and I met at IU and this was my first time spending any amount of time in the state in almost ten years. "Supersonic" and "Garden" also stood out to me as top performances. The 45 minutes stuck in the parking lot on the way out couldn't really sour the show, although it was close.

When wee got home Saturday we found Carter had gotten a buzz cut thanks to his Grampy. It's amazing how different he looks. I keep calling him cue ball. Again, am i bad father?

Mother's Day was pretty quiet. I bought and planted some vegetables for Courtney's present as well as watching the kids most of the day so she could work out and rest during their naps. All in all i would say it was one of the best weekends we've had in a long long time.