Justified: The Manliest Show on TV


After three episodes I'm officially hooked on FX's show "Justified." First off I'm a Timothy Olyphant fan from the "Deadwood" days, and he was the best part of the last Die Hard movie. Heck, even Hitman wasn't that bad a flick because he was in it.

The fact that he was in Justified and a lot of good, early reviews got the show on my radar. A free episode on iTunes meant i could watch the pilot on my recent trip to NYC. After watching it I instantly went to my DirectTV app and set a series recording.

If you don't know the premise, the show focuses on Olyphant as a bad-ass U.S. Marshall who gets demoted and sent back to his hometown in Kentucky. The setting is unique but each episode basically has Olyphant driving around, being a bad-ass Marshall, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. The symmetry with Olyphant's "Deadwood" character is very evident, especially his quick trigger finger.

The show is filled with other good characters and actors, but there's no doubt who is carrying this show. If you match his work on "Deadwood" and what I expect to be a decent run on "Justified," I think Olyphant has a good shot at being the next iconic American film hero. Like the next Clint Eastwood. Sure, it may be TV, but HBO and FX television shows are usually better than most action movies these days.

I mean, where else do you see a guy calmly bust a white supremacist's nose against a steering wheel, turn down sex from the hottest redneck in the state, and wear a cowboy hat in modern Kentucky and make it look like another day at the office?