Easter Egg Hunts Are More Important Than iPads

Everyone and their brother was getting an iPad on Saturday. I had pre-ordered one online ahead of time and figured I’d catch UPS in the afternoon. I had even kept tabs on the shipment from China. It didn’t show up in the Chicago until Saturday morning. There was no way it was going to arrive in Mount Prospect by noon.

We had plans to hit an Easter Egg Hunt at 10 and then a brief stop at the in-laws, we picked up lunch and were home before noon.

On the way home, I had already checked the order status and saw the package arrived at 11:05 a.m. but no one was home. Darn. I was a bit peeved of course, but it’s not like you can stop your life and not enjoy family time like an egg hunt that happens once a year. And for what? A gadget?

Don’t get me wrong. I really want the gadget. But I don’t believe in waiting in lines to spend money. Ever since concert tickets migrated to an online purchase, I hadn’t seen lines to buy stuff since the iPhone craze started. Now, it’s almost expected. It makes no sense to me.

We’ll see if anyone’s home to greet the UPS guy today, but if not I’ll have UPS hold it and pick it up on Tuesday. It won’t kill me. Plus I had plenty to do this weekend with the family.