DadTherapy's iPad Review

 Ipad photos
By now you've probably read at least a few reviews of the latest wonder gadget from Apple. Well, here's one more.

I'm writing this on the iPad of course, in the Apple iWork Pages app which can export to Word docs but I'll likely just copy and paste the text into TypePad. The most surprising thing so far has been how easy it is to type on this thing. I think most of the complaints of the on screen keyboard are from people who were never taught to type correctly. If you hove both hands over the keys you can nail the typing pretty easily and the auto correct is of course helpful. But that's juste in landscape mode obviously. Turning to portrait mode makes the keyboard useless for most tasks but simple entries like logins and passwords.

So, typing is better than I thought, what about the rest? Yes, the photos look excellent as you can see in the image about. But if there is one thing that sums up the iPad experience in the first 2 hours of use...

It's all about the apps.

Don't let people fool you, there's no point to using the iPhone apps on the iPad. They look awful. Instead, spend some time on the iPad app store and get stuff like the Epicurious app, Tweetdeck and if you're a dad into comics the Marvel app is pretty neat but only has 6 free issues. The iPad will be more interesting as more apps get made for it specifically.

News apps like USAToday and NPR are also done really well.

I'm going to say the next part just once. There's so much to test out even at this early stage, that I'm looking for free content only. I don't think I'd ever pay for content, especially with the Safari browser giving a near perfect browsing experience which renders most sites really well...minus Flash of course. Hear that NY Times? USA Today? Put up a pay wall and I will not be reading.

Ah, what about the rest?

I watched a few minutes of Justified the new FX show with Timothy Olyphant, and the resolution is terrific. I'd say it bested the experience i had watching the same episode on my MacBook Pro.

I had the iPad on my lap for two hours and it did not get hot and went through about 10% of it's power.

I've submitted to a few places to be a Beta tester so we'll see what happens with that. Otherwise I'm pretty impressed and I haven't even played with iTunes yet.