Enjoying a Work Trip to NYC, By Eating

Photo(3) Last week I hit New York City to cover the 2010 New York International Auto Show for Cars.com.

I try to schedule to fastest possible trip in terms of days away from the family because the two young ones are more than a handful for my wife to tackle alone. I flew out midday on Tuesday, the show’s media days were Wednesday and Thursday and I flew out Thursday night at 8 p.m. Those logistics went flawlessly.

But unlike, past trips to New York I made an effort to get some good food. I usually end up going to the closest restaurant possible to the hotel so I can get work done. I did the same this time but got to eat at Bobby Flay’s Bar American, which was five steps from my hotel in Times Square.

I just got a stool at the bar, ordered a glass of Pinot Noir  and ordered what was called a Rack of Pork. Basically it was two pork chops that weren’t separated. That’s when I recalled the bartender asking me if I was hungry and I said yes. Holy crap, that’s a lot of pork. But it was excellent. Cooked perfectly with just a tad of pink in the center. I finished it off with an apple tart at the end. Wow.

I was so full I walked two or three blocks in a near monsoon to digest. Then got a cappuccino at Starbucks and went back to my hotel room desk to work til midnight.

The next day, the show was dizzyingly busy with more new products than I can recall and I didn’t get back to my room til 7. Exhausted I had to change out of my suit and take a load off. The rest of the staff went out to Italian right after the show but I needed more time before eating.

Again I set forth on a walk armed with my iPhone and Yelp looking for some good New York Sushi. I headed to 9th Street which I knew had a lot of good restaurants. I passed two Sushi places and one which looked really upscale had terrific reviews. I headed in and had a seat at the Sushi bar at Shimizu and was beyond happy.

I had a special roll I think called a Green Tea Roll which didn’t have any tea in it but was wrapped in a thin piece of green paper but I can’t remember if it was a pressed lettuce or what, but it was a lot lighter than typical seaweed and not chewy.

It was filled with yellowtail, tuna, salmon and shrimp with avocado and just about everything good you want in sushi. I had a Kobe Beef Carpaccio which was also excellent and quite light.

That got me through the next day at the auto show where my lunch was pre-wrapped sandwich, and my dinner was a pre-wrapped sandwich at Laguardia.

So, travel can be acceptable and even enjoyable as long as you eat well.