The NFL Draft Kind of Sucked, Kind of Cool

Last night’s prime time NFL Draft was somewhat interesting, and wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. Oh, it’s still not as good as a Saturday in front of the TV with ribs slow-cooking in the background, but it could have been worse.

By far the biggest plus is the suspense leading up to rounds two and three on night two. However, this means dads have to tell wives they need two nights straight of NFL watching, including a possible date night.

It’s also a really deep draft so round two is more interesting than in past years. A top-heavy draft would kill night two.

The prime time show got a lot of hype in the media…but what happens next year when it’s not a gimmick?

And while viewership was up quite a bit nationally, the NFL Draft on ESPN (ESPN outdraws NFL Network coverage in ‘09 5-1) was still edged out by the Bulls in Chicago as that game was a must-win and actually won by the Bulls. The Blackhawks couldn’t beat out the ESPN ratings but the Cubs on broadcast TV outdid them all. (all this according to Phil Rosenthal at the Trib).