NFL Draft Meet Your Competition

I said months ago that moving the NFL Draft to a three day event starting in primetime Thursday night was a bad idea. At the time, I was only pissed about losing my holiday-like planning around that Saturday which my wife was OK with, and the vaunted Thursday night TV lineup it’d face off against, listed below. It’s not like you’re going to get new viewers to the Draft by facing off against stalwart shows like CSI and 30 Rock.

However, I forgot about the NBA and NHL Playoffs.

There are four NHL playoff games Thursday night and two NBA games which likely won’t be competitive…but still, Cleveland fans will watch Lebron James instead of waiting for their next horrific 1st round draft mistake. And even if they do make it to pick 7, guess what, click, back to game 4 and likely sweep of the Bulls.

Oh, and what about Chicago? The third biggest TV market in the country? The Bears have no first round pick. It will be game 4 of the Blackhawks, Nashville series and the town is now more excited about ‘Hawks hockey than even the Bears. This town will not be watching the draft and all its red carpet glory. I’m a Dolphins fan living here, so I’ll be tuned in, but I bet many folks will just follow on Twitter while watching the hockey game.

That’s not even counting all the baseball on TV including both the Cubs and White Sox. But the baseball season is just getting started, while every playoff game counts.

Wait you say, what about the DVR? Well unless you use crappy AT&T Uverse and 4 shows, you’re going to be fighting it out. I will tape the Draft and Hawks in the basement and tape NBC comedies and Bones upstairs in the bedroom. But that’s not ideal. I would actually not even bother with taping the Draft and just follow it on Twitter but it might interfere with learning the Blackhawks score – I have to tape the game so I can put the kids down by 8.

Maybe hardcore NFL fans are taking the next day off. But to me, there was nothing like having an excuse to grill and sit in front of the TV all afternoon like the NFL Draft. Now, I’ll be caulking a bathtub that Saturday. Thanks Roger Goodell!

All times Central, All TV shows new episodes

Thursday at 6 p.m.
Cleveland Cavs at Chicago Bulls
Cubs @ Mets 6:10

NFL DRAFT STARTS: 6:30 p.m., selections at 7 p.m.

Thursday 7 p.m.
Community, 30 Rock
Flash Forward
White Sox at Tampa Bay 7:10

Blackhawks, Nashville at 7:30 p.m.

Thursday at 8
The Office, another new 30 Rock
Private Practice

Photo via Chicago Tribune