MacHeist Bundles: Do Other People Fall for Them?


This is the second MacHeist bundle I’ve bought. The first one was purchased right after I got the Mac Mini and I was interested in these flashy applications. But I didn’t really use any of them on a regular basis.

So when the latest one hit earlier today I was definitely hesitant to pull the trigger. However, there were two applications I could use, CoverScout and RipIt. The rest are just gravy.

I was most excited for CoverScout but it doesn’t work as advertised. It brings up your library in a coverflow fashion, but it only shows a 20th of my album artwork that shows up in iTunes.

That means I have to have both CoverScout and iTunes open at the same time to make sure I’m replacing album covers that are actually missing. I have about 2,000 albums so it's no small hiccup.

Luckily, the rest of the app works fine. It gives you a number of options for the new artwork and they’re rated. Some are color corrected or of different versions of the album if it’s an older record.

It’s a one-click addition process too, which is nice. If the company can get the recognition process down right it would be a perfect program.

RipIt is a simple, one step DVD ripper which makes an easily accessible copy of your DVDs onto your harddrive which can be replayed later using the DVD player software without the DVD in the drive. This is the type of simple program that makes me glad I switched to a Mac. The company describes it best: It saves laptop power because the disc drive isn’t spinning the whole time.

I doubt I’ll use the other applications at all, but for $20 the two I will use were woth it and maybe I will try the game or the notepad program.

If you want to get one there are six days left. You can check out the site here.

Blogger disclaimer: I purchased this product myself and have not been contacted by the company in any way prior to publishing this post.