Jake Melnick's Review: Good Wings in Chicago


Someone Tweeted about Jake Melnick’s winning an award for its wings which spurred me to actually leave my cubicle for lunch last Friday.

A co-worker and I headed over, parked a few blocks away (It's near Michigan Avenue if you're an out of towner looking for a good lunch spot) and got seated instantly despite it being 12:30. The lunch crowd seemed to filter in later.

We both ordered a combo of the regular buffalo wings and the Poncho wings which have garlic and chipotle. I also ordered the onion loaf while my buddy got the buffalo fries which are loaded with blue cheese.

The buffalo wings were ok, but the Poncho wings were beyond excellent. All the wings were huge and meaty so getting 10 instead of 12 is fine by me. The wings were $9.95 and each side was about $4 but they were big enough to share. The onion loaf was honestly one of the best I’ve ever had and reminded me of a place I used to go to as a kid with my parents. Ever since I’ve been looking for that same kind of loaf and 30 years later I know Jake Melnick’s have them.

The buffalo fries were ok. I think you’d get them if you weren’t getting wings though or as an appetizer. Not as a side dish.

Am I going back? I’m trying to find an excuse to go again this week.