Brizzly for iPhone: Review

Brizzly1 I’ve had issues with Tweetie for a while now and recently downloaded TweetDeck and Twhirl. TweetDeck is good, especially with multiple accounts, but its white text on black is hard to read and a lot of posts show up twice.

So I was going back to Tweetie because it’s glitches as annoying as they were weren’t bad enough to give up on the clear text.

Then I hear Brizzly is on the iPhone. Well, I use Brizzly to look at my Twitter accounts at work. It’s web based and is unique. It unabridges tweets. Meaning if you tweet a link to a YouTube video it displays the YouTube video in the stream. It also expands shortened links to the full link. And obviously it displays Twitter formatted photos. All of this makes for a blog like experience.

The Brizzly app does none of that. It’s just another copy of Tweetie or any of the other Twitter apps for iPhone. However, it does have some things going for it.

Brizzly2 The layout is clean and easy to read with each person’s tweet broken up like a cartoon word balloon. I also like how when you write a tweet a character countdown begins in a graphic bubble going from blue to amber to red to show how many characters you have left.

When you select a tweet the options are also well done with a simply reply, favorite and forward (retweet). You can also follow a string of replies so if the tweet you’re reading is a reply to another tweet, there’s a link to go read the originating tweet. These are what makes it a useful app, and it’s free. Plus, it's the first app icon I've seen that floats on the black background. Why don't more?

Brizzly is definitely my go to Twitter app for the time being.