After Setting Up a Windows 7 PC, Glad I Got a Mac

Sometimes when the Mac Mini has a hiccup,like forgetting it has a disc in its drive and not being able to eject it, I reminisce about my old PC and its big, blocky self. Then my father in law’s 3-year-old PC ate a virus and just wasn’t doing anything online.

He went out and got a cheapo slimline HP machine – he’s chiefly a browser, email guy, no heavy lifting needed – Windows 7 seems like a slightly slicker Vista but nothing unique. However, it takes nearly two hours to get everything set up and load times and restarts really are quite slow. Then I have to uninstall Norton, and install his McAfee, oy vey.

The whole thing seemed a bit antiquated even though I have a lot of headaches with Macs too. I’m not sure why that is. Programs seemed to start slowly too, and it was a brand new, clean PC. The one thing I love about the Mac Mini is the quick program startup, and of course iLife. Still think iPhoto was well worth the entire move to Mac.