Is Social Media All That Social for Dads?

As someone who's been relatively successful blogging professionally for automotive and entertainment sites, I find it odd how poorly the whole dad dynamic works in the new social world of today's web.

I was an early Twitter adapter and very late Facebooker. I find Twitter has become an amazing resource professionally as a journalist but it's not great for communicating with friends and family to say the least.

On Facebook I'd feel bad spatting out dad centric stuff which would annoy my close friends and family who rely on it to keep track of our family.

So what's the compromise? This blog is a start but I've found it hard to interlink with other bloggers. Especially making sure this page is fresh. As a pro blogger I know that without some interesting topics posted frequently, there won't be a huge increase in traffic or interest. But that's not really what you want in something social, one way traffic spikes.

Every day I marvel at my wife's mom centric message board which is old school social media but you know what? It's exactly what I'm looking for. Are there any established dad boards out there?  I launched a ning board a few yeas back but it was mired by inactivity.

Anyone want to help relaunch it with some social media buzz?

I was shocked that Ning's mobile site was also optimized for the iPhone.Iphone screenHow isn't every forum owner switched to this?

If you want to join feel free and start a forum topic.