Reviewing My Christmas Gifts: Dad Gear

I hope everyone had a great holiday this past week. I’m still on vacation as is Courtney for the rest of the week so the kids are getting lots of attention. We’re not doing anything exciting though.

Christmas this year was really cool. Carter – he turns three in February – really seemed to understand what was going on. He knew Santa was coming, even got up early and wanted to play with presents on Christmas morning. The night before he didn’t seem to understand the milk and cookies but when he saw them eaten in the morning he knew Santa came. This was one of those growing up moments that kind of blew my mind.
Evie finally got some girly gifts so there is more pink around the house. And me, I put together a lot of toys, including some intricate Thomas train tracks.

But what about dad? What did I haul in? Some pretty interesting stuff, and almost all were gadgets.

First up from my wife were nose and ear hair trimmer by Norelco. Romantic right? Well, I’m not shy. I’ve got some nose hair going on. Trimmers I’ve used in the past have been attachments to a beard trimmer and kind of twirl blades around, ripping out the hair. Painful and not too accurate. These suckers “brush” over the hair and kind of shave them instead of chopping them and barely even tickle. The trimmer itself is also substantial and doesn't feel cheap. Needless to say, my nose is looking a little better these days. Haven’t tried the ears yet, still scared of that.

NFL Training Camp for the Wii, also from the wife, while it too may be a subtle hint, I really wanted it. I like Wii Active but it’s been gathering dust. I’ve gotten to play it once and liked the football exercises mixed in with the other training like triceps curls. Coffin kicking while really doing a three-step punt in the family room was a blast.

My mom asked what I wanted and I said I didn’t need anything. Anything she could get easily at the mall? Well I did have my ears on these new headphones at the Apple Store. A few days later there were the Bowers & Wilkens P5 headphones in the box of kids' gifts UPSed from Florida.

These headphones focus on the midrange instead of bass like Beats by Dre and the high end of Bose noise canceling phones. I love mids and rock so these are for me. Plus the look, feel and fit great.

On the food side, the wife also got me a set of pancake molds in the shape of Yoda, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. Tried ‘em out this morning and they actually work well. Although the pancake mix they came with was not so great.

She also bought me an assortment of barbecue sauces, which I look forward to trying out. Ribs for new years?

How does this year’s haul rank? Pretty darn good in my opinion. I’ll try and update throughout the year on how they hold up and if the shine comes off.