Thanksgiving Holiday = Potty Training


Carter will be heading to pre-school early in 2011 and it seemed the right time to do potty training. Courtney found a few places saying it was better to get it all done in one burst, an intensive three-day boot camp. I had some extra time off I had to burn so I took off the entire week of Thanksgiving to train my little man in the ways of the potty.

Basically you have to join yourself at the hip to the child and keep an eye on them at all times to see the signs and keep praising them and asking them to “tell daddy when you need to go peepee or poopoo.” Like repeatedly, 100 times a day.

The first two days were hit and miss with as many accidents as success. And even on the third day we hadn’t really nailed a poop. The fourth day was Thanksgiving and Carter was getting to his training pot on time without an accident but wasn’t letting us know he needed to go. He also didn’t get the poop out in time. 

On the fifth day of this three-day bootcamp – yeah we knew it would take longer – Carter is finally getting it. He runs to the potty in time – although it is always just feet away from him. However, he’s still not saying “I need to peepee” at all. That won’t make it easy to take him anywhere. Or for the nanny who will need to be keeping an eye on him and Evie all the time.

We’ll see how the rest goes. For now, I’m extremely stir crazy with about 1 hour of time outside the house in five days.

Thanksgiving? It went well.

The in-laws brought the turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing from a local meat market, which were all quite good. Courtney made green bean casserole and sweet potatoes, both were excellent.

The turkey we did for the second year using Martha Stewart’s cheesecloth recipe. This year we knew it would cook fast and we actually timed everything perfectly. That might be the first time in all our years of doing Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey tasted great too. I carved off the entire breast, shown above, and then sliced it into servings. Saw Bobby Flay do that earlier in the day on a Throwdown. It looked pretty impressive I must say.

Leftover weekend begins...