Dads, let's talk about booze


Let me know if this sounds like you, fellow parents.

You've finished dinner, finished the baths, had story time and the kids are drifting off to sleep. The house is quiet and it's the first time you've had any time to yourself since the alarm clock went off this morning.

What's the first thing you do? Me? I'm opening or pouring a drink. Sometimes that's a vodka on the rocks. But most often it's a beer or glass of wine.

Is this wrong? Am I totally off base assuming other parents do the exact same thing? Drinking doesn't mean I want to dull the good memories of raising the children. It just means I need to numb the pain that accumulates along the way of generating all those memories.

On the beer side I tend to drink IPAs like the Three Floyds shown here. I'm also a big Fat Tire fan. Miller Lite is the go-to for bowling night or watching football. 

As for wine I tend to order from wine woot a lot but am off that kick. Why? I need to keep better track of what the wife and I like and stick to it. I've tried apps before and photos on my phone but nothing sticks.

So I'm going to add really brief "tasting notes" blog posts here under Daddy Drinking just to catalog it all, including price. It will be beers and wine mostly and if other folks get some ideas that's a bonus.

If you have a beer recommendation for me leave it in the comments. I'm just getting into those special edition, big bottles of craft brew too.