What Does Daddy Do When He Goes on an Airplane?

When Courtney or I go on a business trip we tell Carter we're going on an airplane. That concept excites him so we leave it at that. When you ask him "Where's Daddy?" he replies, "On an airplane!"

But obviously we're around the country working.

Everyone seems to wonder what exactly it is I do when I travel so I decided to whip up a video from my trip this week to cover the L.A. Auto Show.Covering auto shows is the most exhausting thing imagineable if you ask me.

I edited almost all of this on the plane ride home in about 20 minutes on the iPhone. You can tell there are spots where I was just too busy working to add good video content. And I guess there isn't any "action" of me sitting and typing.

Now everyone knows what I'm doing when I'm on an airplane.