Halloween Haul, Video, New Favorite Holiday

Until Sunday my favorite holiday since being an official adult has always been Thanksgiving. It's totally relaxing, involves food, alcohol and football. You also get a day or two extra off work.

Now that I have kids I thought Christmas would takeover, but that's a lot of work. There's the tree, gifts, family, dinners you name it.

Now that Carter and Evie are mobile and kind of understand what the holiday is (OK they don't really but they learned the process pretty quickly) Halloween is now my favorite. Besides having adorible children in costume, it's just pure fun.

We teamed up with some friends with kids of similar ages and they ran from door to door saying "trick or treat" and "thank you" dozens of times. Carter (a fisherman) wanted to ring the doorbell more than get candy, but Evie (a Lobster aka his catch) won everyone over all the while collecting goodies for daddy. What can be better than that?

I didn't have much time, or many free hands, but nabbed the segments above. Tied it together on iMovie on my phone during my train ride home. Can't wait until next year. Have to start planning costumes...