Infinicam iPhone App Review: Livening Up Kids Photos

I'm a bit addicted to taking photos and videos of the kids with my iPhone. I'm not one of those Apple fanboys but it's amazing at how good the photos and videos turn out, allowing me to leave my Canon G9 at home for most of our outings. Plus, you get a lot more candid images.

But you can only upload so many dozens...ok hundreds of kids photos to Facebook and Twitter without boring everyone you know. I had seen a lot of people talking about Hipstamatic and thought it was a neat idea. But i found Infinicam instead. It has dozens of different filters in color and black and white.

However, you have to randomly go through them. There is a "favorite" option where you can save a filter you like once you find it, but it's hard to differentiate them all because of the random nature.

I think the random feature may be "fun" for some but if you're trying to do a project might be annoying.

You can email the resulting image or save it to your phone's camera roll.

What I'm struck with though is how stunning some of the images are. I still remember my first digital camera and how you had to pop floppy discs into it instead of memory cards. I think these photos are better than anything I took then. And I hope the treatments make the shared photos a little less monotonous. The app was definitely worth the $1.99 price.

Here are the original images and a car shot to see how it makes auto images stand out too.


*Blog Disclaimer: I paid for this app out of my own pocket and have not received any compensation from any party for posting this review.