The Year in iPhone Photos

I was thinking of doing our annual slide show but was daunted by the thousands of photos we've been taking of the kids. How could I detail the year with so many? It'd take forever and be kind of boring. Then I thought, what if I just use the photos I took with my iPhone. They are a little more spontaneous.

It also reminded me of the little black camera my grandfather used to keep in the car in case we ever were in a situation that required it. I tried to find a picture of the camera, but it was inexpensive and black and had a pop-in type of film that you ratcheted to wind. He had like three of them just to make sure he didn't miss anything. If he was in my generation he'd probably love the iPhone because you have it on you at all times and you snag shots that you wouldn't take with film with its cost. He'd really appreciate the whole cost saving aspect of it that's for sure.

That's my set up. The gallery can be found here. Enjoy.