From Dave's Archives: Pavement, Live in Fort Lauderdale

3822360594_fe30316aa2UPDATE: Link/ZIP fixed.

In my attempt at making use of the internet and all its power for good I’ve decided to start uploading more of my master tapes from years of secretly recording concerts. Yes, as a former music critic I got into a lot of good shows for free and would routinely tape them so I had the best type of reference material possible for the formal review. I also love live recordings.

I’m obviously not going to release anything by bands that are either still in existence, don’t like tapers or who simply request I take them down, which I will do if requested to do so.

Go ahead and download the zip filer of this classic Pavement concert from May 17, 1997 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Here’s the track list:

1.    Old to Begin
2.    Pranksters and Gangsters
3.    Starlings of the Slipstream
4.    Type Slowly
5.    Fold Sounds
6.    Black Out
7.    Stereo
8.    Transport is Arranged
9.    FIN
10.    Shady Lane
11.    Date with Ikea
12.    ?
13.    We Dance
14.    Conduit for Sale
15.    Kennel District
16.    Blue Hawaiin
17.    Father to a Sister of Thought
18.    Best Friend’s Arm
19.    Box Elder
20.     “crowd noise”

Disc 2

1.    Encore break
2.    Passat Dream
3.    Cut Your Hair
4.    Stop Breathin’

About the Show: I thought it was one of the better performance I’d ever seen at the time. Could still be. It’s also one of the better recordings in my collection besides a few acoustic shows. Pavement broke up of course and nothing really has impressed me as much as this era of their music. Would love to hear feedback if you were at this show (there were about 300 of us I would guess, maybe 500?) or what you think of the recording.

For serious traders out there who complain about MP3 files, I’m just trying to make these as easy to digest for the casual fan as possible. I’m well aware of the benefits of FLAC and lossless formats.