One Dad's Dream: Edzo's Hamburger in Evanston


Many a modern dad likes to think of himself as the best griller in the neighborhood. Or the guy with the best barbecue ribs in town — that would be me. But then there are dads who are actual chefs who open their own restaurant. For Chicago based father Eddie Lakin he’s living the dream and preparing to open his own restaurant, a burger joint in Evanston called Edzos.

The cool thing is he’s detailing the whole process on a blog which is really detailed — although I’d like to see more pictures. Right now he says he hopes to open by the end of the month and the only thing he’s waiting on are city inspections. So far he’s got three down with two to go.

Trial burger close

Here’s what he told me about the type of burgers he’ll be serving: “we're grinding our own beef fresh daily and cutting potatoes for fries.  We're offering two "styles" of burgers;  the thin, crispy on the griddle kind and the thick, juicy on the char-grill type. It's cheap and kind of old school.”

He attached the picture you see here which looks like grilled perfection to me. It reminds me of a Five Guys type burger done by a local dad. Check in with Eddie’s blog for word on the opening day. I hope to take the kids on an adventure to Evanston when it does.