Tap to Focus: iPhone Photo Blogging


A few of my more digitally and artistically gifted coworkers came up with an idea to share their better iPhone images via social media hacks and the result is called Tap to Focus.

The line-up of contributors is as eclectic as the photos with amateur and pro photogs along with joes who just like their iPhone. And at least two dads and one dad-to-be. Here's the roster via Tapper Ian.

  • Ian – Photographer - Chicago

  • Matt – Data Geek/Web Designer – Chicago - (Chief Tapper)

  • Jules – Amateur Photographer/Occupation Unknown – Chicago

  • Joe – UPS Truck Driver/Bicycle enthusiast – Chicago

  • JonYu – Industrial Designer – Raleigh NC

  • Austin – Cartoonist/Author – Austin Texas

  • Jay – Bar Manager/Beer Snob – Raleigh NC

  • Mike - Web Designer – Chicago

  • Steve (who has yet to post but has all of the info) - Number Guru/Information Genius/Computer Genius – Boston

  • Haley – Matt’s Friend/Occupation unknown – Chicagoland

  • David – Auto Writer/Blogger – Chicago (ME)

  • Craig – Journalist – Chicago

The above image is of my goofy child taking part in one of his favorite past times, getting soaking wet before dinner.