Testing DirectTV's iPhone App

Photoftv Since I'm still waiting on the Sunday Ticket app to be released I figured I'd write a bit about the standard DirectTv app that let's you record shows from anywhere via the iPhone. You can also set recordings via any web browser.

I've only had DirectTV for five days but I'm loving the tech compared to Comcast which I had in the city. The on-screen interface is cleaner and I like how they group HD channels next to their standard def versions unlike Comcast.

However I haven't had a lot of time to set recordings besides Blues Clues and Thomas and Friends for Carter. This morning while taking the Metra for the first time I sat back, fired up the app and got to recording.

Searching for shows is pretty straight forward and you can type in something abbreviated like "man food" for Man Versus Food on the Travel Network. You can also browse by channel name or number. I'd use the name function besides local stations and their low numbers.

The app is also quite attractive without much clutter. The fact that you can pick which DVR to record which show on - or both - is simply awesome. My sci-fi shows, downstairs. Home improvement and reality shows, upstairs. There probably isn't a more useful app I've found yet...at least for me, a TV junkie.