First Night in the Suburbs

26738767 After four days of hectic moving madness, the clan settled in for its first night in the new house on Sunday. The DirectTV was humming in the rec room for Sunday night football. Carter had his first bath in the new tub with only one breakdown. And our boxer Roxy was pooped from running around in her new yard.

By far the starkest reminder that I was now living in the suburbs and not in the bustling city of Chicago was when I took Roxy for her last walk of the night. It was dead silent.

No highway noise could be heard. There were no noises emanating from nearby bars and restaurants. There wasn’t a lot of light either. The sky was clear. There was no traffic. Not even a single car went by.

Now, the 70 minute commute this morning wasn’t quite as tranquil, but hopefully with construction ending soon it’ll be a little better than that most days. I think we just have to get used to enjoying music and not worrying about bumper to bumper traffic.