Play Your Idols: Kurt Cobain on Guitar Hero 5


Most of my friends and co-workers know I enjoy Guitar Hero a bit too much for a 30-something father of two. But it is one of the few games I actually enjoy these days that relaxes me. And I'll admit seeing Ozzy Osbourne in video game form is kind of fun.

However, I'm not so sure of the latest game, Guitar Hero 5, resurrecting Kurt Cobain to play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Lithium."

It seems weird and almost sacrilegious for me to be playing those songs AS Cobain. We've been able to call artists sellouts for many different reasons over the years, but this latest version of commercialization is even stranger because of the interaction involved. Is this how kids are going to learn about Nirvana first?

Check out one more image of the GH Cobain below.