What I Won't Miss About Living in the City

Now that I’ve detailed the few things I’ve liked living in the city of Chicago the past seven years, here’s a list of all the things I won’t miss. Be warned, this list is much longer.


Whether it’s the garbage trucks at 6 a.m., drunk people at 2 a.m., parties next door, the neighbors above us stomping around or random dogs barking outside, the sounds of the city will not be missed. I’m not even talking about the proximity to the highway or the fire engines, those noises are much easier to adjust to than the others.

Living in a Condo
The greatest upside of moving to a suburb is being able to afford a real house. There will be no more condo associations, no management companies, no noisy/messy neighbors. And no more stairs!

Parking and Driving
While driving and parking in Chicago isn’t as bad as it is in other large cities, it’s still a pain pulling into our tandem parking spot. Our last place wasn’t much better and the one before that was street parking. I’m looking forward to less potholes and a garage.

No Cellphone Reception
Anyone who owns an iPhone in Chicago will understand what I mean.

We haven’t been robbed – knock on wood – except for my car getting broken into a few months after first moving to Chicago from Florida. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of crime in the city compared to a typical suburb like the one we’re moving to.

High Taxes
We’ll still be in Cook County but we won’t get stuck with the extra city sales tax and sin tax. Plus, we save on property tax and even the tax on the purchase of the house.

Crowded Weekend Streets
We’ve learned over the years to get all our errands done before 11 a.m. because heaven forbid you want to head down Clybourn or North on a nice Saturday afternoon. The traffic is worse than the Kennedy during rush hour.