What I'll Miss About Living in the City

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We’re heading out to the burbs for good come the end of the week and I thought it a good time to reminisce about our seven years of living in the city of Chicago (ten for Courtney).

All the restaurants
Whether it’s a trendy new gastro pub or just good Thai and Chinese takeout, it’ll be hard to find so many choices in the Suburbs. We’ll have to really do our research.

Short commute
Getting home in 15 minutes via car, 40 minutes via public transit is pretty sweet. That means we can eat dinner with Carter and spend a good two hours with him before going to bed. We’re not sure how we’ll alter his routine after the move.

There’s something to be said for the buzz of living in the city, even in an area like Bucktown. The neighborhoods in the city really are unlike anywhere I’ve lived. Both Logan Square and Bucktown have been great places to live.

Growing up in South Florida and moving back there after college, I can tell you there’s no way you can walk to a restaurant, the post office or anywhere you want to go. That’s why living in the city is so nice. I’m not even a fan of exercise, but I like the fact that we could walk for ice cream or Homemade pizza from our rental.

It’s Pretty
Whether it’s the skyline of downtown or the rows of brick residential buildings in Bucktown and other neighborhoods, the city is just an attractive place to live and work. Sure, there’s some grime and dirt here and there but it has so much charm. And if you’re into architecture it can’t be beat. My favorite time of year is actually winter though when the streets look like they’re out of the 1930s.