Is the CrunchPad the future of computing? No, but I want one anyway


Last month the wraps came off the final design mockups of Michael Arrington’s first foray into hardware, the CrunchPad. Go to and you’ll see the tagline “The Future of Couch Computing.” That is exactly what this is. Will it replace my laptop for work? No way. Will it replace the home PC/Mac for photo, music, home movies? No way. Will it be great to have something lightweight to move between living room, kitchen and bedroom connecting to a home network via wifi? Hell yes.

I hate using my wife’s Dell laptop because it’s big and even the pad we use under it gets my thighs all hot. Yuck.

The big question will be price, but all I’d need on this is web browsing, wifi and a simple notepad. If it could also control my TV like some iPhone apps…whoa boy, you have the greatest invention ever.

Price? For me to be an early adopter it’d have to be $500. It’s not going to be $500. I’d guess to sell to geeks it’d still need to be $1,000. Anything over that and it’ll be slow to pickup. If the Kindle is subsidized at $350, this would have to be twice that at least.

I can’t wait to see this in action though. Hey, Michael, want a dad to test this out for you in the wild? You know who to contact.