Comcast or Direct TV? The Big, Big Decision

2840938218_5b9ac60a5c As some may know, the Thomas clan is moving to the suburbs next month, right in time for football season. Since, we’ll be out in Mount Prospect well clear of city obstructions and able to switch cable providers I was wondering if it was time to try the dish?

Yes, this is my biggest decision in the move. There are paint colors to be picked, window treatments, new carpet and more, but come on, what’s more important than TV?

The number one reason to go Direct TV is definitely the Sunday Ticket and getting to watch Miami Dolphins games every week. Even though eight games this year might be televised here in Chicago-land I’ve been duped before. If any of course face off against the Bears, they won’t be on. And as a dad with one season under his belt, I learned, there’s no going to the local sports bar on your Sunday for four hours. But if I can watch most of a game with Carter swinging off my neck on the way to push a car down the hall, then I’m golden.

Before everyone labels me a bad dad, I often tape games on the DVR to watch after the kids go to bed because Sunday night games often stink. I’ll often watch a few on Sunday night fast forwarding through commercials and stoppages. The new Direct TV package also lets you watch over your iPhone this season, which just sounds awesome too in case we’re out and about.

What I’m looking for from you dear readers is advice on the Direct TV experience in the Northwest suburbs? Is reception pretty reliable? We’ve probably had Comcast go out in our Condo once a month reliably since we moved in. Including Internet.

I’d guess with a dish, you’re just subject to weather and not satellite outages right?

Does snow hurt the dish reception? I know, these are some common questions.

The other thing is, I think I’d keep Comcast for my Internet because AT&T DSL just stinks and we need the bandwidth for all the wireless stuff we have.

I did the math and the DirectTV cost would be about the same as Comcast with obviously more for the Sunday Ticket, but surprisingly, it isn’t much more since DirectTV’s packages can be had for much less than Comcast’s bundles.

I definitely want some Chicago-land feedback and dad feedback too. And yes, the wife is a Bears fan. While I root for the Cubs, Hawks and Bulls I can't switch my Dolphins' allegiance.