17-year-old Sails the Globe: Shouldn’t He Be In School?

Sunderlandx-large Everyone’s talking about 17-year-old Zac Sunderland. The yachtsman’s son just finished sailng around the globe, making him the youngest ever to do so. It took him 13 months. That sounds like the better part of a year of high-school – if not two – to me. In no stories written about this feat did I see a mention of his schooling.

Sure, he escaped pirates and tough seas and lived on dried fruit and canned food. It was a solo journey with pit-stops for his dad to fix the boat which allowed young Zac to go surfing. Maybe he took some reading lists with him, but I doubt he could do any online schooling from the middle of the Pacific.

Or maybe he’s already graduated high school early because the scruffy kid is a boy genius. On his own website it also says he spent “endless 18 hour days” prepping the boat for the voyage. Despite the fact that a day has 24 hours and he spent 18 of them on the boat, certainly not “endless,” if Zac was a child actor he would not be allowed to work those hours. Or a burger-slinger at McDonalds.

No, this kid who is clearly a good sailor, gets a pass. I’m sure when professional sailing is over he’ll have a lot to offer the world at large.

I’m all for kids having hobbies or playing sports, but if Carter hits 16 and says he wants to be the youngest whatever and it’ll take him a year of high school to do it I’m probably going to say no. Just a guess.