Doggy Dilemmas

Roxytupperware We found out the other day our beloved boxer Roxy has a cancerous growth on her lip. She’s heading to the surgeon for a consult and potentially surgery tomorrow. Hopefully, it’s the kind of localized thing that can be cut out and not spread.

Fingers crossed.

Roxy has pretty bad skin allergies that have gotten worse over the years but she is amazing around Carter and Evie. Carter has discovered he can smack her and she won’t take note, so he smacks her harder. It’s not good and we’re teaching him no. Roxy just takes it, gives a sad look and slowly moves away.  Of course, she also plants herself in the middle of the living room so he can’t get anywhere without having her move, hence the smacks.

Here’s a recent picture of Roxy amid the great nightly Tupperware dispersal.