Two Kids in 16 Months: How Is That Working?


We may be a little beyond nuts for bringing home baby #2 before Carter hit the 16 month mark, but so far so good. Knocking on wood all the way around.

Carter has been pretty good, only paying the least amount of attention to Evie as possible. He's been a bit of a pain with my parents here because it offset his routine and he's relearning who they are. But when we're getting up in the morning and doing our normal stuff, he acts exactly like he did a week ago before Evie was born.

I'm still in shock that I have TWO children. It's not like I wasn't officially a dad with one, but now, now there's no way around it.

Is there a benefit to having the second child this close to the first? Yes, yes there is.

I change diapers MUCH faster than when Carter was born. Like, lightning fast. I'm learning new anatomy but that's about the only difference.