Dad Needs Help: What New Mini Radio for Baby Bedside?

Duoi One of the essential pieces of technology during Carter's first few months at home was the little Bose Wave CD player and radio. We played lullaby CDs on it for early feeding. The problem is we moved it to Carter's room and we listen to more of his CDs there, sometimes Cubs games etc. He's also taken a liking to opening and closing the CD cover and the stereo is pretty old too, so not all discs play on it.

So when we bring Evie home we need a new bedside radio. I'd like to have iPod integration AND CD but understand that's a rarity. I've heard bad things about the Philips micro hi fi one.

I came across this Boston Acoustics Duo (right) which seems like the right price, and I'd guess it sounds good too. The Polk version seems like more of a Home Theater than side table radio and is about twice as much. But maybe the fact that it can serve as a home theater later on is a bonus.

My task to other dads out there is to help me out and recommend something for us!