Baby #2 is Here, Recap


While there was untold anticipation and worry about Carter's arrival last year, the arrival of Baby #2 was not as nerve racking to say the least. We arrived at the new Prentice hospital early and had to wait a while for Courtney's C Section. The thing is, compared to our last visit and a scheduled induction that lasted some 12 hours before an eventual C section, this seemed much more like an outpatient type surgery than anything major.

The biggest difference is our sleep patterns aren't as completely disrupted. We came in at noon instead of 2 a.m. and were in our room by dinner time.

We didn't get the great view like last time but our room is plenty big and has a big screen tv, unlike our last one.

The bed for dad is the same which is serviceable, but you'd think with all the other amenities they'd have figured something better out.


But I really can't complain. Honestly, with his grandparents taking care of Carter, I haven't had this much down time during daylight hours in about a year.

So far, Evie is really sleeping heavily and just starting to eat and make messes in the diaper.

Overall, I'm just really surprised by how routine it was this time. Of course, we were just here last February so there's not much to forget either.